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Welcome to the hub for all maintenance and service needs related to pedal steel guitar.  From basic tune-ups to complete overhauls, copedent changes, ergonomic customization, electronics upgrades, and even training for guitar techs, Emmons Custom Shop has got your steel guitar maintenance needs covered.  All makes, all models.

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Let our service technicians keep your steel guitar playing well with regular maintenance.

We offer full service on any brand, and can usually offer estimates over the phone.


Customize your steel to look, play, and sound better than ever. We customize existing setups and can completely rework any copedant to another configuration. Adding or removing levers has never been easier!


Often an on-site service call is required and we are here to assist crews, band managers, and players who have emergencies and issues that occur on the road. If possible, we'll come to you!

Emmons has led the way in steel guitars for generations. This legacy continues today, not only in the manufacturing of new instruments, but also in serving the industry as a whole.   


By providing a platform for service, customization, and training we intend to expand the horizons of the steel guitar experience.  As steel guitars are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime, proper care and maintenance are essential to the continued health of your instrument. 


Whether you want to learn how to set up your own steel through our tech training courses or would rather one of our master technicians maintain your guitar, Emmons Custom Shop is your one stop for steel guitar service.

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